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A Review of ‘No more Mr Nice Guy’ by Robert A Glover

    Occasionally we like to share reviews of books that our counsellors have been reading. Today we share a review of “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Robert A. Glover

    Wendy says; “Everyone knows a nice guy: The great listener whose female friends label him ‘a catch’ but who never has a date on a Saturday night.  The husband who tries desperately to please his wife, but whose relationship is emotionally and sexually unfulfilling.  The reliable mate everyone turns to for favours and advice but whose own life is in a shambles

    These are examples of what Dr. Robert Glover calls the “nice guy syndrome”- men who have a self-image of being the good guy, believing that if they play the role they will be liked, loved and appreciated.  Believing that if they do everything right, they should have a smooth and problem free life.  This kind of internal script can cause frustration and suffering, leading Nice Guys to be anything but “nice”.

    The book is filled with proven strategies and real-life stories.  Its written with punchy headlines and bite-sized pointers for changing behaviour.  ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ has been recommended by several prominent psychotherapists as being a valuable self-help tool and a resource for professionals.